2007 Webinars

Building Public Policy: Consensus-Based Policy Creation – Creating win-win public policy solutions usually means bringing key stakeholders together to work out a shared and sustainable solution. This process of consensus-based policy creation is especially important when building public policy that helps build equitable, flexible and diverse workplaces. Learn about types of consensus-based policy creation that bring together employers, government agencies, advocates and workingwomen and men to work together to create common ground solutions to workplace issues.

Catching on to Retirement – Wherever you are in your career, whatever your wage, there is something you can do to plan for retirement. What are the challenges and issues related to retirement planning that workingwomen should pay special attention to? What are the solutions to these challenges? What can employers do to help their employees have a secure retirement?

Dress Codes II – The call focused on practical advice and insight for workingwomen (and men) and best practices in developing and implementing dress codes.

Flexibility: Management’s Perspective – Managing the flexible work environment can pose special challenges for supervisors and department heads. How do you choose who gets to be flexible? How will it impact other employees? How do you measure productivity? These are all questions faced by the manager of “flexible” employees. Whether you are a manager seeking ideas and insights or an employee trying to get management buy-in for a flexible schedule, this webinar is for you.

Report from Capitol Hill: Workplace Equity and Beyond – It has been busy on Capitol Hill for workplace equity and work-life related issues. Congressional hearings were held on pay equity and worklife balance, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has dedicated meetings to the topic of work-life balance and legislation has been introduced to update the Family and Medical Leave Act to name just a few things. Get this update on the Capitol Hill activities that potentially have a large impact on both workingwomen and employers.

Supporting Women Veterans in the Civilian Workforce – In the next five years, approximately 150,000 women veterans will transition from the military into the civilian workforce. What can employers do to support women veterans as they transition into their workplaces? BPW Foundation recently conducted a survey of women veterans to understand what their experiences were as they claimed their place in the civilian workplace after spending time in the military. During this webinar, hear early results from the survey and discuss their implications for employers and others wanting to support women veterans.

Workplace Design – Results-oriented organizations are redesigning the workplace – how jobs are structured and how, when and where work is accomplished. Learn about the benefits and challenges of customized work environment and flexible work strategies your organization can apply to attract, engage and retain a broader pool of potential employees, including those who face barriers entering the labor force.