Successful Workplaces

  • Successful Workplaces Guidelines – an evidence-based checklist to assist employers that value equity, diversity and work-life balance and want to redefine the workplace.
  • Policy Watch – stay current on the latest developments in policy with this informative e-Publication.
  • Successful Workplaces Digest – a practical, easy-to-use publication showcasing inventive ideas, effective programs and applied research that can be implemented by employers and employee to create successful workplaces.
  • Workplace Transformer™- this unique e-Publication showcases workplace policy and workfoce development news.
  • Forces Impacting 21st Century Workplaces and Workforces – a publication that outlines the forces impacting working women and their employers. A companion piece was also published: a planning guide that provides steps for creating discussion groups in workplaces and communities.
  • The State of Work-Life Effectiveness – an issue brief that explored public policy and voluntary workplace practices related to work-life effectiveness, the idea that employers and employees can collaborate to manage work and life demands more effectively.
  • 101 Facts on the Status of Working Women


Women Veterans


Young Careerists


National Employer Summit (NES) Papers

  • 2006 NES Conference Papers and Summary Report – Synthesizes the combined knowledge of participants on critical workplace issues, showcasing insights from specialized research undertaken and discussed at the Summit.
  • Workplaces and Workforces in Transition – 2005 NES Final Report
  • 2005 NES Briefing Pages – Workplaces and Workforces in Transition
  • Raising Profits and Potential – 2006 NES Report published by BPW Foundation (click on the link below)

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