BPW Foundation 50th Anniversary Celebration50thanny

In 2006 marked the 50th Anniversary of Business and Professional Women’s Foundation with a year-long celebration.

Founded in 1956, BPW Foundation has made its mark, making a tangible difference in the lives of American workingwomen and their families. This was the first foundation conducting research about workingwomen— 50 years ago! The 50th anniversary celebration highlighted the history of the BPW Foundation and its many milestones in the areas of research, education, knowledge and policy. Anniversary events included:

  • 50th Anniversary Gala at this year’s BPW/USA National Conference in Dallas, Texas. View the womensmuseumslide show.
  • The BPW Foundation History Project
  • A press conference announcing the special report of the 2005 National Employer Summit.
  • Read Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney’s (NY) remarks to the House of Representatives, as published in the Congressional Record
  • A U.S. presidential letter of recognition.
  • Business and Professional Women’s Foundation Day – The District of Columbia, the state of incorporation for the BPW Foundation, declared February 27th BPW Foundation Day, commemorating 50 years of empowering workingwomen.
  • Fifty Fabulous Facts About the BPW Foundation was created to highlight achievements made over the past 50 years. Ten Things To Do With Fifty Fabulous Facts was the accompanying guide for stakeholders.
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration Breakfast – This event was the kick-off for the celebration of the BPW Foundation’s 50 years of empowering workingwomen to achieve their full potential and partnering with employers to build successful workplaces. It is in this spirit that we reinforce the BPW Foundation’s theme, Lighting the Way.