Business and Professional Women’s Foundation is transforming the workplace with women and employers. Our role is to convene employees and employers to create solutions that improve the workplace for today’s workforce. The work of BPW Foundation focuses on two issues: Successful Workplaces and Empowered Workforce.

Successful Workplaces

BPW Foundation began the Successful Workplaces Movement to collaborate with employers to transform and redefine today’s workplace. It combines research, policy, resources and programming in order to create systemic change. Such change is necessary to build supportive and successful workplaces; and to break down the final barriers to the full participation of women in the workplace. Creating systemic, sustainable change requires the collaboration of employees, employers and policy makers.

Empowered Workforce

In order to create Successful Workplaces, the U.S. workforce must be productive, strong and skilled. To that end, the work of BPW Foundation supports workforce development. Specifically, BPW Foundation conducts research and produces programming that empowers the workforce.

BPW Foundation’s research provides insight to employers and policy makers on the needs and challenges of key groups of working women with a variety of skills and educational attainment. BPW Foundation also provides programming to employers and employees in order to encourage discussion, improve productivity and create solutions, such as events, publications and online resources.

BPW Foundation recently conducted a survey among 500 Women small business owners. Please follow this link to our survey results presentation and our summary white paper.