Career Advancement Scholarship

Note: The application process is currently closed. Please check with the Legacy Partner in your state for information about other scholarships they may award.

BPW Foundation Career Advancement Scholarships, first awarded in 1969, are selected through our Legacy Partners.  Recipients of Career Advancement Scholarships, must be female; U.S. citizens; 25 years of age or older who are within two years of completing their bachelors degree; and pursing a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM)—or a related field.

The application and selection process is handled by the BPW Foundation Legacy Partners and scholarships are awarded to women in their specific geographic areas. Women seeking scholarships should contact our Legacy Partners directly to see if they are participating in the program and to obtain information about timing, rules and applications.  In addition, many BPW Foundation Legacy organizations have their own scholarship programs that may be applicable to your needs.  Check in your local community to see if there is a BPW organization near you.

For a list of Legacy Partners, please check here.  None of the scholarship process is handled by BPW Foundation.  For applicatoins and criteria check the the State or Local Organization.  If there is no organization in your area, then there isn’t a scholarship to apply for.