Barbara Ward: Advocating for Minority Veterans and Veteran Healthcare

BPW Foundation is proud to honor and recognize BPW Foundation Women Joining Forces Advisory Council Member Barbara Ward, a nurse who has given so much of herselve personally and professionally to care for all of us. Thank you!

barbaraBarbara Ward is a Vietnam Era veteran who served in the United States Air Force Nurse Corps. She is currently Director of the Center for Minority Veterans at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  She is a registered nurse with a diverse background in health care administration and state government.  Ms. Ward has held several executive level management positions in the healthcare industry.  As a long term educator, she has been an adjunct faculty member at several universities. Ms. Ward was appointed as the Director of the Center for Minority Veterans in July 2012.  Prior to this appointment, the Governor of California appointed Ms. Ward to the position of Deputy Secretary of Women and Minority Veterans in 2007 and as the Bureau Chief of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education in 2005.  Ms. Ward also served as a member of the Women Veterans Advisory Committee for three years and was co-chair of the health sub-committee. Ms. Ward’s passion for healthcare combined with her career of advocacy has made her a leader in veteran healthcare issues.