2014 National Business Women’s Week Awardees

During National Business Women’s Week (NBWW), October 20-24, 2014, Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation honors and salutes the following five outstanding military/veteran business women and the employers who support them.  NBWW awards are given in honor of these courageous and creative women and employers who are making a difference in their military/veteran communities.

Dixie L. Arthur: As President of ASAE Business Services, Inc. (ABSI), Dixie Arthur is dedicated to supporting opportunities for women veterans in the nonprofit and association sectors. Through ASAE CareerHQ.org, Ms. Arthur is committed to raising awareness among women veterans of employment opportunities in the association and nonprofit sector. Her dedication to connecting women veterans to association and nonprofit sector jobs represents the type of leadership needed across industry sectors to build wide-ranging support for veteran employment. A former BPW Foundation Trustee and long-time supporter of BPW, she has also been a tireless supporter and advocate for Joining Forces Mentoring Plus®.  Read More

Meredith K. Rollins: As Editor in Chief of REDBOOK magazine, Meredith Rollins has helped bring national media attention to the unique career challenges women veterans face.  By dedicating the November Veteran’s Day issue of REDBOOK to the stories of five women veterans, Ms. Rollins has given a voice and a platform to the brave women who serve our country, yet often struggle with civilian employment. Through a partnership with the White House and BPW Foundation, she has provided a much-needed opportunity to educate and inform readers across the county about these challenges and to share the value of mentoring and the positive impact individuals and companies can make.  Read More

Graciela Tiscareño-Sato:A decorated military veteran, Ms.Tiscareño-Sato is trailblazing pathways for Latina women in military and STEM careers. She leads workshops on personal branding for military veterans to help them successfully navigate the transition to civilian jobs.  She is a sought-after speaker on environmental entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and the Latino educational crisis and solutions. She’s the author of four-time award-winning Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them, the first book showcasing Latino-led innovation and entrepreneurship in the green economy.  Read More

Dr. Irene Trowell-Harris: As the first female African-American general in the 357-year history of the National Guard, and the first Air National Guard nurse to command a medical clinic, Dr. Irene Trowell-Harris has long been a supporter and advocate for women in the military and women veterans in all phases of their lives. During her military career Dr. Trowell-Harris held numerous positions, including chief nurse executive, flight nurse examiner, commander, and advisor for nursing and readiness. After a distinguished military career in the Air Force and National Guard, she continued serving her country as Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Center for Women Veterans from 2001-13.  Read More

Dr. Scena B. Webb: A BPW Arizona local member, small business owner, and federal worker, Dr. Scena Webb is a proud U.S. Navy Veteran, who now dedicates much of her time to helping other veterans transition out of the military. In addition to her full-time professional career as a program manager with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fire Arms and Explosives, where she helps write ATF legislation and policy, Dr. Webb owns a consulting firm, Celebrate Incorporated, which coaches transitioning veterans. She and her team of professionals at Celebrate Incorporated help veterans learn coping skills, goal setting, and bench marking.  She also volunteers as a BPW Foundation Joining Forces Mentoring Plus mentor.   Read More