Top 5 Tips for Professional Women to Manage Time for Helping Their Kids in Education

At every point in life, we are put at a crossroads where we need to make a tough choice. The choices we make, eventually define who we are. A working woman faces a number of challenges maintaining life-work balance on a day-to-day basis, but what would you do if you have to choose between your career and your family? Well, a recent study suggests that around 43% of the working women quit their job as soon as they are burdened with the responsibility to raise the kids. Even though the professional career is a significant part of one’s career, a huge portion of the crowd chooses to focus on the upbringing of their kids as that appears more important than pursuing a career. However, you don’t necessarily need to leave your profession to focus on the education of your children if you have planned everything beforehand. In fact, there are effective ways to provide homework help to your kids without compromising your career.

As a mother, you may realize how important your kid’s education is, but at the same time, you need to acknowledge how crucial your career is. In any given situation, it is unfair to compromise one for the other as both play a significant role in a woman’s life. So it becomes more of an obligation for a person to find a middle ground which allows her to cover both the areas effectively. A survey done on a crowd of working women suggests that it is too tough to manage both the things proficiently. However, we are here to discuss some tips that can allow you to help your kids in their studies and continue your professional career without any major bumps.

  1. Hire a tutor:

Hiring a tutor for your kid can work perfectly in your favor if you can’t spare much time with your kids due to other engagements. You can monitor their progress regularly by checking in with the tutor every once in a while. In this digital age, finding a tutor is not that difficult. You can always refer to the online reviews to get a clear idea of which portal can help you find a tutor for your kid. You can also take a personal interview with the tutor before hiring him/her for your kids. You should also check how comfortable your kids are with the tutor so that they encounter no problem learning from them. A tutor who is good at providing college homework help may not be the right choice for your toddler. So, check with his/her profile before hiring.

  1. Introduce fun ways of learning:

Since you’ll be working for the major part of the day, it will be hectic for you to focus on your kids’ studies with a serious approach. So instead of following the conventional way of helping your kids learn, you can introduce fun activities for your kids that will not only help them learn their lessons but will also help reduce your work-related stress to a great extent. It is quite effective in case of young children (within the age group of 3 to 8). You can help them learn certain lessons with storytelling sessions. You can also take your kids to outdoors (whenever possible) and involve them in fun learning activities as that often helps to accelerate the kids’ learning process. It is also a great way to build a stronger bond with your kids which a lot of working mothers lack to today’s date.

  1. Don’t miss the parent-teacher meeting:

Attending the parent-teacher meetings is one of the major activities that can help you monitor your kids’ progress. You can get a clear understanding whether your kid is doing great in his/her class or struggling to cope with the academic pressure. Besides, in a PTA meeting, the teachers can suggest you some effective ways to improve your kid’s learning process, in case he/she is struggling with his/her studies. If you are not getting enough time to focus on your kid’s education, the teachers can also suggest some alternate ways to improve your kid’s studies. Providing more mathematics homework help to your kids in your leisure may be one of the suggestions that you can expect from the teachers.

  1. Get acquainted with the latest technology:

You may not be aware, but it is now possible to help your kids learn through the digital platforms. Yes, that’s right. In today’ world, it is no longer required to push your kids all the time to do their homework or to go through the lessons that have been taught in the school. There are several apps and websites that do that thing for you. Those exciting and interactive apps keep your kids occupied throughout the day and help them learn their lessons in a better way. Apps like Classdojo or Google classroom create a virtual classroom for the students that helps them learns in a fun and interactive way. You can also monitor your kid’s progress through the apps like Edmodo.

  1. Prepare a team at work and home:

No matter how much you try, it can be little hard to manage your work as well as your kid’s education at the same time. But as mentioned previously, you can effectively manage both the areas if you have done your preparation from the top. Create your team of associates at the work who can handle all your tasks when you are off to attend PTA meetings. Like we mentioned earlier, PTAs are crucial to keep track of your kid’s progress. Plus you can take a break from work for few days if your kid’s exams are approaching, while your team takes care of the work. Similarly, having a team at home ensures the kid is going to school at the right time, and doing his homework properly.

The life of a working mother was never easy, but you need to make smart decisions to create an example and prove that mother knows best.