Tips to Change the Game

In the past couple of decades, we have seen how a handful of people have been able to make a change in their respective fields, in a way that many thought would not be possible. The achievements that they made through their hard work have not only changed their fields for the better but they have also given inspiration for hundreds and thousands of others to follow in their footsteps. This group of elite people can only be known as ‘Game Changers’ and the likes of Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan, etc. can be considered as good examples for these special individuals.

What makes them Different?

Before they were able to make significant changes in their respective fields they too were normal people like you and me. But what made them different from the rest of us was that they were willing to embrace the ideas that they had inside of them and strive towards achieving them no matter what obstacles came their way. For an instance, it is a well-known fact that Thomas Edison was only able to successfully develop the light bulb only after failing for almost 10,000 times. This shows that the key to be a game changer is to have good perseverance and patience. The outside world tried to limit them and ridiculed their effortsbutbyworking at their ideas with an immovable drive and passion, they were able to achieve success and show the whole world how wrong they were.

Seeing things Differently

Many global game changers tend to achieve greatness through believing in their ideas even when no one else believes in them and by working hard towards making them a reality. Whether your passion is for learning, playing in the field of sports or any other field for that matter, the key is to look at things in a broader perspective and try to be successful in a unique way. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses you will be able to move forward by relying on the strengths while practicing hard to overcome the weaknesses which will help you to make a change.

How to Change the Game

When having a look at the lives of the more famous game changers of the world, we can distinguish some unique traits that they possessed.We should try to follow these traits in our own lives if we are also planning to make a change that matters, in the world we live in. They were able to identify their unique abilities at an earlier stage so they had a clear vision of how to use those talents in order to make things work. While otherswere either sleeping or having fun they practiced and worked hard to achieve their goals. And no matter how many times they fell down, they didn’t give up and simply got back up, dusted themselves and worked towards the change with even more enthusiasm.

Some might even say that these famous game changers were able to make an impact on the worldonly through their luck or genetics. But if we have a closer look, we will be able to see that there is not much of a difference between them&us and it only takes the right amount of discipline and hardwork for us to make a mark for ourselves in this world, the same way.