The Benefits of Using Labelling Machines

If you don’t already own a labelling machine, you’re probably still using pen and paper to organise both your work life and home life. While there’s nothing wrong with this, there are many advantages to investing in an electronic labeller. There are no limits to what can be organised by neat, consistent labels. From folders, files and storage containers to pantries and wardrobes, these machines can be used in both professional and personal settings alike.

Organisation and Consistency

A labelling machine naturally encourages you to quickly print off labels as you go, providing you with a more organised and neat system. But what is the advantage of tidy labels over using masking tape and a marker?

Keeping consistent labels on folders and files at work looks professional and means you can find what you’re looking for at a glance without having to decipher messy handwriting. Meanwhile, neat labels on spice jars at home can save you and your family from going through every jar to find the one you want – especially when the brands vary and the name is never in the same place.

Labels all in the same font are far faster to read than handwriting and can save a lot of time in the long run. Aside from the initial batch labelling process when you first acquire a machine, printing labels is efficient. It can even contribute to a less stressful work environment with the knowledge that everything is where it should be.


Labelling machines come in a huge variety of brands, each with their own shapes, styles and sizes. There are those that attach to the computer and then there are hand held labellers, all available with many different label sizes.

Deciding which labelling machine to purchase is simply a matter of deciding what it will be used for. Computer connected labellers offer more flexibility, with labels that are generally larger and allow for multiple lines of text or even images, making them great for address labels. Meanwhile, handheld labelling machines are portable, lightweight and suitable for areas where a computer isn’t practical, such as a warehouse. While they provide smaller labels, some models still offer multiple lines of text.

Additional Notes About Labelling Machines

The initial cost of a labelling machine can be quite low. Some basic models can be found at online retailers for as little as $25. The price naturally climbs with the quality of the printer and the features it provides, reaching upwards of $500 for a more professional labelling machine that can print a variety of fonts, styles, colours and even images. Label and label tape replacements come at an additional cost, but will not need to be replaced frequently.

Of course, these machines are not for everyone, and there are sure to be those out there who would prefer to stick with their pen and paper methods. For example, it can be taxing for slower typists to type and print labels out, and more time consuming when many different labels are needed. But for the majority, a labelling machine makes it easier than ever to stay organised with neat, easy-to-read labels.