2006 Webinars

The Cost of Stress for Employers and Workingwomen – What are the major sources of stress at work? How can you manage stress at work? What is the difference between normal, everyday workplace stress and anxiety or something more serious? How can an anxiety disorder affect the work/employment of the person suffering? How can it affect the people they work with? What is the cost to employers? What can employers do to help employees?

Impact of a Changing Dress Code on Workingwomen and Employers – This audio conference provided a general overview of Impact of Dress Codes on Workingwomen (and men) and Employers, including legal implications and challenges for employers and workingwomen through the lens of recent court cases as well as examining work places with more diverse populations.

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Women’s Networks: A Primer – The call will discuss how to create or encourage women’s networks in your organization; how they work; what they can offer to employers and workingwomen.

The State of Play on Phased Retirement: Facts, Figures and Policies – Presenters discussed the state of play on phased retirement—who wants it, who offers it, and how the programs get set up.

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Workplace Flexibility: The State of Play on Workplace Practice and Public Policy – The call covered the latest data on the business case for workplace flexibility, including highlights of best business practice, and the landscape of public policy.