Workplace Policy

In order to create Successful Workplaces, they must be inclusive and supportive to all workers. It is our belief that when employees are happy, they are productive and businesses thrive. To that end, the work of BPW Foundation supports workforce development and workplace policy. Specifically, BPW Foundation believes that such workplaces require systemic change, including both voluntary practice and public policy.

Successful Workplaces Digest is a publication showcasing policies and best practices of companies that are improving the workplace. The Digest also highlights BPW Foundation’s role as the bridge between working women and employers to establish and sustain work environments that quite simply ‘work’ for women and families.

BPW Foundation Publications inform policy decisions and highlight issues impacting 21st century workplace and workforce.

Rawalt Online Resource Center is an online clearinghouse as well as the hub of BPW Foundation’s knowledge sharing activities. BPW Foundation has expanded the scope of the resource center to meet the need for on-demand knowledge. Users can access a growing archive of current and historical documents on issues affecting workingwomen and their employers.