Gen Y Research

Young Careerists Research Project

YC_logo_FinalToday’s workplace is a mosaic of workers- different generations, cultures, genders and experiences- each at a different point in the career life- cycle. BPW Foundation’s “Young Careerist” research provides a framework through which to view the choices of Generations X and Y. Young careerist – as defined by BPW Foundation- includes individuals between the ages of 21 and 35. Whether you are a young careerist, an employee with colleagues from younger generations or an employer striving to capitalize on the strengths of your youngest employees, BPW Foundation’s research, articles, and resources will help you learn more about the opportunities and challenges that young careerists face. Explore the many facets of today’s multigenerational workplace, and learn more about what employers can do to successfully recruit, engage, utilize and retain young careerists.



Gen Y Women in the Workplace research explores Gen Y women’s workplace attitudes, perspectives This primary research gives voice to a distinct group of working women who are vital to developing a diverse and skilled workforce. BPW Foundation seeks to understand what Gen Y women need in order to be successful in the workplace and then translate that knowledge into tools that improve how employers recruit, support and retain young women. Understanding and addressing the needs of Gen Y women is critical for maintaining a competitive edge.

Critical Career Junctures that Direct the Career Life-Cycle of Young Careerists This initial research examines choices made by Generations X and Y along the career path, and the subsequent consequences these decisions have on lives, generations, workplaces and society as a whole.

SW Digest Articles for Young Careerists Published by BPW Foundation in the exciting go-to guide for promising practices to cultivate a more flexible, diverse and successful workplace, the Successful Workplaces Digest. Tell Me What U Want, What U Really, Really Want Become a Fan of the Facebook page for our research on Gen Y working women. Women Veterans in Transition Research Project Primary research developed to raise awareness about a distinct group of working women many of whom are “young careerists.”




Snaphot of Generation Y (PDF file) YC Central – Resources for young professionals, recent graduates and college students Young Women Misbehavin’ blog – Read and comment on posts by Gen X and Y about current issues impacting women and families in the workplace. Articles and Research – A variety of resources ranging from newspaper and magazine articles to foundations’ research releases to blog opinion pieces.