Applied Research

BPW Foundation is committed to generating new knowledge on women’s workplace constraints and opportunities that lead to practical tools, programs and strategies. Through context-based research, BPW Foundation observes women within their work environments; listens to their stories; and uncovers attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values. These findings are translated into actionable ideas and applications. The overall goal of our applied research efforts is to strengthen the capacity of organizations and businesses to create inclusive and supportive work environments for women.


Recent Projects


Gen Y Women Research

The Young Careerist research project, funded by the Virginia Allan Endowment, provides a framework through which to view the career choices and challenges of Generation Y women.  This primary research gives voice to a distinct group of working women who are vital to developing a diverse and skilled workforce.  BPW Foundation seeks to understand what Gen Y women need in order to be successful in the workplace and then translate that knowledge into tools that improve how employers recruit, support and retain young women. During the summer of 2010, BPW Foundation conducted three employer-based focus groups with 25 Gen Y women and 15 managers of Gen Y from prominent companies. BPW Foundation provided the employers with customized research reports and specific recommendations for transforming their workplace.

Women Veterans in Transition Research Project
During the last several years as women have increasingly joined the military ranks and deployed to war zones, BPW Foundation wanted to know what the impact would be on them, their families and communities, especially when they come home.  Would the workplace support these new veterans? Would their unique skills be recognized as transferable? Are there dedicated services for them?