Young Careerists


Today’s workplace is a mosaic of workers from different generations, cultures, genders and with varying experiences- each at a different point in the career life-cycle. BPW Foundation’s Young Careerist research project provides a framework through which to view the choices of Generations X and Y. Young careerists – as defined by BPW Foundation- includes individuals between the ages of 21 and 35.

Whether you are a young careerist, an employee with colleagues from Generations X or Y or an employer striving to capitalize on the strengths of younger employees, BPW Foundation’s research, articles and resources will help you to learn more about the opportunities and challenges that this group of workers face.  ShareThis

Explore the many facets of today’s multi-generational workplace, and learn more about what employers can do to successfully recruit, engage, utilize and retain young careerists.

BPW Foundation supports workplace policy and workforce development programs that bridge the generations for young careerists and their colleagues to ensure that:

  • Employers have tools to include and engage this unique group of workers, thus enhancing the workplace;
  • Young careerists have resources to navigate the workplace and advance in their careers;
  • Employers, young careerists and their colleagues understand the value of a multi-generational workplace; and
  • Employers implement innovative workplace policies to support women early in their careers.