Women Joining Forces: Closing Ranks, Opening Doors

Help Us Open Doors for Women Veterans

How can my organization help support women veterans and get the word out?

Together, we can connect women veterans to the resources they need to help them navigate the road to a successful career.  As the first non military non profit to question if the growing number of women veterans leaving the military needed assistance, we are proud of the ground breaking research we did about women veterans and the program we launched last year, Joining Forces for Women Veterans and Military Spouses Mentoring Plus®.

Joining Forces for Women Veterans and Military Spouses Mentoring Plus® provides women veterans and military/veteran spouses with FREE job/employment resources and connects them with volunteer working women to support their success in civilian careers. Accessed through a high tech-high touch online platform that serves as an entry point to seek out support services, identify employment goals and job opportunities, Joining Forces Mentoring Plus® meets the needs of women veterans of all ages and all ranks across all geography as they strive to translate their skills and find long term success in the civilian workplace. The program pairs veteran women “mentees” with mentors, to offer direct personal contact alongside the expansive “toolkit” of job resources. Mentoring also can help military spouses learn how to design or promote a portable career.  Mentoring is a powerful tool to help women as they transition into civilian life or deal with career changes at any point in their work lives.

Even with the skills and discipline that military experience brings, many of our 1.7 million women veterans have challenges transitioning to civilian life.  Women veterans are more likely to be underemployed, underutilized, or experience homelessness.  The Women Joining Forces initiative bridges this gap so that veterans can build successful businesses, achieve equal pay, establish rewarding careers, and gain economic security.

How can your organization make a difference?

  • Sign up as a mentor with Joining Forces Mentoring Plus®
  • Direct women veterans to the many resources available on the Joining Forces Mentoring Plus® website
  • Put a graphic/link on your website directing visitors to the Joining Forces Mentoring Plus® resources
  • Direct veterans to the Connect-A-Vet web page resources
  • Get to know women veterans in your community by inviting them to your meetings or asking them to be a meeting speaker

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