Introducing the Women Build, Protect and Move America Portal

Source: Women’s Bureau, U.S. Dept. of Labor

nto-highlight_cropWe are thrilled to introduce a new resource: Women Build, Protect and Move America portal. This portal provides a repository of information for women job-seekers and service providers, in the construction, transportation and protective services career fields. Click here to view the new portal.

Resources available include:

  • Occupation information on construction, protection and transportation
  • Links to training, apprenticeships, supportive services, mentoring programs, and scholarships
  • Links to professional and trade organizations, associations, and unions
  • Promising practices for recruiting and retaining women in construction, transportation, and protective services
  • Rights on the job information
  • Personal success stories of women in the aforementioned sectors, drawn largely from third-party sites
  • Links to research and other informative literature regarding the subjects covered by the site