Fact Sheet

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Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation is advocating for successful workplaces by focusing on issues that impact women, families and employers. Successful Workplaces are those that embrace and practice diversity, equity and work life balance. Through its groundbreaking research and unique role as a convener of employers and employees, BPW Foundation strives to redefine today’s workplace.

The work of BPW Foundation supports workforce development programs and workplace policies that recognize the diverse needs of working women, communities and businesses. Advocacy is a cornerstone for the work of BPW Foundation that will continue to inform and guide our research and programming and vice versa.

BPW Foundation brings together women, employers and policy makers to create change and expand workplace options, in order to develop an equitable and diverse workforce. BPW Foundation mission: to empower working women to achieve their full potential and to partner with employers to build successful workplaces through research, education, knowledge and policy.

Successful Workplaces Movement

The Successful Workplaces Movement combines research, policy, resources and programming in order to create systemic change. Such change is necessary to build supportive and successful workplaces; and to break down the final barriers to the full participation of women in the workplace. Creating systemic, sustainable change requires the collaboration of employees, employers and policy makers.

BPW Foundation also understands that support for working women at crucial points in their lives empowers them and creates opportunities to promote career advancement. BPW Foundation sponsors professional development opportunities for working women at all stages of their careers and leadership level. Women business-owners and women interested in helping their employers make effective use of public policy participate in policy workshops, summits and focus group, to build flexible and equitable workplaces.

BPW Foundation focuses on cutting-edge research that leads to action in the workplace and community. Primary research is conducted to obtain snapshots of the career transition issues of key groups of working women. This research is used by BPW Foundation and its partners to develop resources to support the needs of working women and families.

Workplace Policy

Workplace Transformer™, an e-publication showcasing policies, trends and best practices of companies that are transforming the workplace. Workplace Transformer™ is also a membership option for companies that are implementing policies for a successful workplace. These products showcase BPW Foundation’s role as the bridge between working women and employers to establish and sustain work environments that quite simply ‘work’ for women and families.

BPW Foundation Publications inform policy decisions and highlight issues impacting the 21st century workplace and workforce. These publications include:

  • Successful Workplaces Guidelines
  • Understanding the Complexity of Women Veterans’ Career Transitions
  • Snapshot of Generation Y
  • Successful Workplaces Digest
  • Forces Shaping 21st Century Workplaces and Workforces
  • The State of Work-Life Effectiveness
  • 101 Facts for Workingwomen
  • Resource and Policy Recommendations for Creating Successful Workplaces (Recognized as a ‘win-win solution’ by FORTUNE Magazine)
  • Raising Profits and Potential
  • Top Ten Recommendations for Employers to Support Women Veterans
  • Building Strong Programs and Policies to Support Women Veterans
  • Critical Career Junctures that Direct the Career Life-Cycle of Young Careerists.

Advocacy for working women and families, a cornerstone for the work of BPW Foundation that will continue to inform and guide our research and programming and vice versa. Policy focus areas include Working Women in the Green Economy, Women Veterans, Successful Workplaces, Equal Pay and Work-life Balance. We provide background information, research and testimony on issues such as paid family sick leave, pay equity and workplace flexibility. We also mobilize our grassroots network in support of policies that promote successful workplaces for women and employers.

BPW Career Center, an online job board that was customized to meet the needs of women and veterans. Created using BPW Foundation’s Successful Workplaces criteria, it allows employers to highlight workplace policies that support women, veterans and families.

Rawalt Online Resource Center, an online clearinghouse as well as the hub of BPW Foundation’s knowledge sharing activities. BPW Foundation has expanded the scope of the resource center to meet the need for on-demand knowledge. Users can access a growing archive of current and historical documents on issues affecting working women and their employers.

Workforce Development

Women Joining Forces: Closing Ranks, Opening Doors® program and Women Veterans in
Transition Research Project provide resources and support to women veterans, military spouses and families transitioning from the military into their civilian lives. The focus has been educating veterans and employers on the support necessary for a successful re-entry into the workforce. The primary research shines light on issues that are impacting all working women including pay equity, benefits such as paid sick leave and healthcare as well as career training and continuing education.

The Young Careerist Research Project, an examination of the needs and challenges of Generation Y women in today’s multi-generational workplace. This primary research gives voice to a distinct group of working women who are vital to developing a diverse and skilled workforce. BPW Foundation’s use of social media is part of this project, including the Young Women Misbehavin’ blog, Facebook page and Women Misbehavin’ Twitter stream. This project dovetails with the WJF Research Project.

Working Women in the Green Economy, an emerging issue that is a focus area for BPW Foundation’s research and programming. Moving Working Women From Red to Green (Red to
Green) is BPW Foundation’s pilot project to train and educate women for green sector careers. Women in non-traditional employment sectors is an issue that BPW Foundation has historically studied. Research and program development will continue to ensure that women are represented and have access to careers in non-traditional industries including green jobs and sustainability.

Impact the lives of working women and their families nationwide.

Consider a donation to Business and Professional Women’s Foundation. BPW Foundation is a 501(c)(3) research and education charitable organization. Corporate partnerships, grants and individual philanthropic donations are welcome. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) number 10506.