BPW Foundation is working to transform the workplace by making it more diverse, flexible and family-friendly. Your involvement and generous support of BPW Foundation, provide the opportunity to show your commitment to working women and their families. Working together we will make positive changes in our workplaces that support today’s businesses and their workforces.

Become a donor

As a BPW Foundation donor, you will have access to resources to become an effective advocate for sucessful workplaces. In addition, you have the opportunity to become an integral part of a grassroots movement. Use our grassroots tools and Advocacy Center to impact both national policy and policies that directly affect your community.

The current economy has forced employers and employees to make changes and difficult choices, but, with your support, BPW Foundation is confident that we will collaborate to meet the needs and goals of the workplace. Now, more than ever, the organization relies on individuals like you to support our mission from both a grassroots and a donor perspective.

Engage at national and community levels
BPW Foundation constituents and grassroots activists are committed to our mission and desire a higher level of engagement. BPW Foundation allows individuals to have an active role.

Are you, or have you ever been a constituent of BPW Foundation? If you have, we would like to encourage you at this time to renew your commitment to working women and their families by helping to redefine today’s workplace. In addition to supporting the organization, you have the option to sign up to access our grassroots tools and Advocacy Center to increase the impact of BPW Foundation at both national policy and community levels.

To donate and/or sign up for advocate toolkits, please email us at