Career Coach vs. Mentor

We all have difficulty in at least one area of whichever course we are following, and we also find it challenging to identify and follow one career path. To help us with each of these issues there are two types of individuals who are focused on helping students understand their true potential. These experts also provide constant motivation.

Throughout the years, people have been confusing a career coach and a mentor to be the same thing. When in fact it’s the complete opposite.First let us start out with what each of them means individually.


A Career Coach

Hiring a career coach is not something that needs to be taken lightly. They provide you with the right assistance to pick the most suitable path for you depending on the skills you possess. Career coaches are not only hired by students who are confused in what path to choose. They are also employed by managers or senior managers of organizations that find that the job they’re doing is not meant for them.

When hiring a career coach it is necessary to do your research properly. If you do have a particular individual in mind then you need to do a thorough check on him or her and look into the client recommendations.  Often career coaches are found in whichever institute you study. If you are not a student then you should be able to find a coach in the organization you are currently working at.

Whether it’s a career coach or a mentor, the one thing you need to pay attention to when hiring either one is to see if there is proper chemistry. If your mentor or career coach is not open and friendly, it will be very difficult to communicate and express yourself with them. This is important because you are not only looking for assistance from the process but you will be also sharing personal information.

Do not get the career coaches job wrong, they are not there to tell you which career lane to take but help you understand what you are passionate about and want to pursue. They help you stick to your goals but at the same time help handle different elements of looking for a job.


A mentor helps an individual to focus on the career path they have chosen and finds ways to keep them constantly motivated. The main job of a mentor is to provide stability for the mentee at times of change. They may do this by allowing you to be vocal and by understanding your perspective of things. Doing so also creates good communication skills. A mentor focuses on giving the best possible advice regarding whatever topic the mentee feeling is lost about.

A mentor’s relationship can last for a long period of time whereas a coaching relationship has a certain set duration. A meeting with a mentor is informal and is used to give advice and show guidance and coaching meetings are of a more structured nature.

A mentor and a career coach is of high importance in today’s world. Still, another important coach is a business coach, as after you graduate and get employed, an end goal for most people is to own their own business. In order to succeed, looking into business coaches in your town is advised, the best group to look into in Australia is a Sydney business coach at the Institute of Fortune Institute.


I hope this will help you differentiate between a career coach and a mentor. I also hope you take the advice of getting help from a business coach to help you succeed in your future goals as well.