Can You Get a Patent Without a Lawyer?

A patent lawyer is here to help people with the complicated legal patent systems that have been put in place and must be followed. So make sure patent attorney you choose will guarantee success. Check to see how the patents they have done in the past to have an idea of what you can expect. A good lawyer should also offer prices that match in your budget.


A patent is a set of the exclusive rights that is granted by an authority to an investor (someone who is said to discover a new product/process for the first time) for a limited period of time. It is, therefore, a form of intellectual property.

As an Inventor who is only rich in imagination, you found out that to get an attorney to help you file a patent for your invention will cost you $5,000. How then do you file a patent in order for your invention to see the light of the day?

First, there is a track record of many inventors who have successfully filed for a patent without the help of fort worth patent lawyers. As a fact, the federal laws say that you get free access to patent examiners if you file without a lawyer. However, you need to know these important factors.

1.You must make sure that your invention qualifies for a patent – A patent cannot just be gotten for an idea. It has to be an invention that works and is new.

2. You must be able to describe your invention – If it is yours, you should be able to tell the detailed story about it.

Additionally, as much as the steps to file for a patent are not legal skills, but learned; you must be able to follow each step exactly as it is stated (as you would follow a doctor’s prescription).
There are various steps to file for a patent, and they are:

1.Have A Record Of Your Invention.

This is simply recording every step as regards to your invention, having in place witnesses who will sign this document. This must start from the idea generation stage down to the completion stage. You should include any of the modification and in some cases have a prototype built for evidence.

2.Know The Commercial Value Of Your Patent.

Although some investors do not mind getting a patent over an invention that has no commercial potential, you should still find out about the market that you plan to enter and decide whether it is worth both the price; because it will cost you at least $1,500 to file and obtain a patent from the authority.

3.Factually Determine If Your Invention Qualifies For A Patent

You have to be able to do the research on the area of your invention to know if your invention is truly new and enough to qualify for a patent.

This skill requires a deep research skill and even, the lawyers employ the works of professional researchers to get past this stage. However, this can be mastered and as an inventor, this is a skill you need to master eventually. There are also patent search centers online to assist you with this stage.

Finally, if you still want to use the service of fort worth patent lawyers; you should know that you need to get the service of a Patent attorney and not just any attorney. The Patent attorney is trained and experienced in this field and you are most likely guaranteed a Patent with their help.