WOMENomics® Forum Toolkit

Welcome to the WOMENomics® Forum Toolkit!  We are pleased to share this signature grassroots program that brings together local businesses, government, educational institutions, and civic organizations in your community.  Why? To identify, act on, and resolve the everyday issues that challenge working women and their employers. We call it a forum because it is, quite simply, a discussion of what is working, what is not working, and what can be done to improve upon the issues. The format can be as large as a full-scale community-led forum, or as small as a brown-bag discussion at work.  This model program is an outgrowth of Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation’s extensive experience bringing together key figures from all sectors to create solutions to workplace issues.

This six-part Toolkit is designed to help you conduct a WOMENomics® Forum at your workplace or in your community.

I. Introduction and Overview
II. Successful Workplaces Discussion Guide (Equal Pay, Diversity, Work-Life Balance)
III. Empowered Workforce Discussion Guide (Empowering all Working Women; with targeted research on sub-populations such as Women Veterans, Young Careerists, Women in the Green Economy)
IV. Media Guide
V. Event Planning Guide
VI. Webchat Guide

For more information about WOMENomics® Forums or other BPW Foundation programs, please contact us at:

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