5 Startups Revolutionizing Offline Private Tutoring Industry in Singapore

Tutoring has been preferred by many parents over the years as they want their children to excel academically in schools. With extra guidance and support from the private tutors, children are motivated to do better in their schools. However, finding a good tutor remains a tough task for parents. There are several entrepreneurs, who upon gauging this requirement have now started websites, which list numerous tutors with different experiences and knowledge levels. Basically, these websites connect students with tutors from various regions in Singapore. Students can choose the tutor based on the subjects taught, experience in the field and reviews from other students and parents.

These startups have truly changed the way offline tutoring is provided to students in Singapore. Let’s see the top 5 service providers for online tuition Singapore start- ups, through which students can connect with teachers and get tutoring from the comfort of their homes.

Awesome Home Tuition

It is the most trusted and reliable tuition agency in Singapore. This website offers numerous experienced, passionate and committed tutors, who assist students in excelling in schools. The parents choose the tutors by initiating a phone interview session so that they are satisfied. With over 10,000 customers, Awesome Home Tuition has been successfully connecting students with the best private tutor Singapore. They provide both offline and online tuitions Singapore with several options to choose from, for all age groups. Their range of offerings include Preschool, Lower and Upper Primary, Secondary and University Home tuitions to students, to reach the desired grades.

Smile Tutor

Smile Tutor is the leader in providing private tutors for home tuitions. Their services are free and they match the best tutors with the students. They have the most efficient tutors, who only join the platform after rigorous interviews by a panel of experts. They have over 10,500 active tutors for providing private tuition Singapore and solves home tuition needs of students. The tutors are highly efficient and also help students with assignments given in schools. You can get a tutor very quickly after sharing a tutor request. The service provided is totally free and students have to pay only for the lessons conducted by tutors. They are by far the best tuition agency in Singapore.

Champion Tutor

Champion Tutor is a platform for connecting the best and most qualified tutors to students in Singapore. Students can select the tutor based on preferences like grade level, desired subject and also tutor’s gender. They have thousands of home tutors enrolled on their portal for all subjects and grades. All tutors give maximum personal attention, assistance in homework and also provide reference materials to students.

House Tutor

Parents can connect with the best private tutor across Singapore with the help of House Tutor. They can choose from the largest database of tuition teachers, who are enrolled on its platform. It easily solves the problem of finding the best private tutor as parents can also chat personally to clarify all the doubts before finalizing a tutor. The portal allows parents to sort tutors according to the Experience, Age, Region and Hourly rate. Many students have benefitted from one of the best Singapore tuition agencies.

Ace Tutors

Ace Tutors has been helping students in improving grades and also attaining required knowledge. It was established in 2008 and has continuously grown and improved by providing the best private tutor to students. They provide one- to- one tuition as well as small group tuitions. The tuition rates are very reasonable and affordable. It has helped parents and students get an ideal private tutor in Singapore.

These start- ups have played an important role in helping private tutors connect with students who require assistance, in an efficient manner. They have brought a radical change in the offline private tutoring industry by bringing technology and expertise together.