3 Successful Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

When we speak of “women entrepreneurs”, it’s not a jargon to confuse you, it’s a reality to be accepted and hailed by the entire world. Yes, the creative, independent, and innovative women of today, are not happy with just the mundane homely chores. Rather they are looking forward to enhancing and enriching their life with varied life experiences. Experiences which help them understand and utilize their actual capabilities in a better manner.

Women, as we speak of, are born with abilities to multi-task. They have all the capabilities to run a home, look after their family and utilize their skills to something pretty productive. Tasks that allow them independence of thought, ability to learn new skills, to offer what they know to the society, and in the process make an earning. And, who doesn’t want an extra income? We all do, right!
The world today needs to back with all strength and might, this new generation of women entrepreneurs who are out there in the field, with great business ideas. Moreover with the effervescence of the internet in the day and age of today, it has become an open field. While, there are numerous opportunities that women can explore as entrepreneurs, we speak about a few here:

Freelancing: It’s imperative in the tech savvy world of today to explore business opportunities that are available online, like providing online education to students or conducting online tuitions. This is because freelancing as an online coach or subject expert, allows the woman extreme flexibility; to the degree of just switching on the laptops from the comfort and confines of their home and taking the session at a pre-decided time. Women can also tie up with various organizations to provide online coaching programs for corporate trainings. The essential requirements only include having the correct hardware setup and a good internet connection.

Home Tuitions: On the same lines as the aforementioned, woman can also set base for providing home tuitions in the subjects of their choice. They can reach out to nearby residential areas with advertisements and flyers (per their initial budget) and back that up with advertising on social media. Or they might just start off with advertising their availability as a tutor on different offline tutoring services portals like Smile Tutors in Singapore, UrbanPro in India and many more like these. Such portals assist both the service provider and the end user to connect, per their common requirements. They act as service enablers. This is one more scenario wherein woman need not make large initial investments. Rather they just need to prepare well for the subject/s of choice; finalize the grades they would like to take up and schedule their availability with the students. They can dedicate a silent section of their own home to these classes and may take up one/more student at a time. Or, they can travel to the nearby students’ homes to deliver personal home tuitions.

Blogger: Woman have that creative instinct and the ones who have a strong hold on the required language are well qualified to be bloggers. Yes, you can write blogs on various topics and attract large number of readers. Corporates, as well as small scale companies need services from bloggers who can write about their products, services, about their tie-ups, new launches and what not. In the online world of today, everything happens virtually…so there is absolutely no dearth of online writing opportunities.

The above mentioned are only few of the opportunities that women entrepreneurs of today can start up with; from the very confines of their own homes. These avenues do not require any initial investment as well. As they are only aligned to areas of online education, online tuition, home tuition etc. But apart from these there could be other avenues like opening a franchisee of a desired product; opening a food delivery service or home bakery; being a virtual assistant etc. When women take it upon themselves, there is no dearth of opportunities, so it is only justified to invest in the new age of women entrepreneurs.